Female model for dental implants. Dental implants are a versatile treatment option that can provide excellent results in many different cases. Like with other dental treatment options, patients are often concerned about the affordability of dental implants. The relationship between most insurance plans and dental implants can be complex.

Your Dental Implant Treatment

There are multiple stages to receiving dental implants. These stages are often considered independent of one another when it comes to dealing with insurance, so some may be covered while others are not.

The consultation and X-rays that go into evaluating your situation and determining the need for dental implants are likely to be covered by most plans. There are also a variety of treatments you could need before implant treatment, from tooth extraction to bone grafts, that are also considered individually.

Dental implant surgery and implant restoration (the crown, bridge, or All-on-4® replacement) are less likely to be covered by most insurance providers. In many cases, these treatments are considered largely cosmetic, despite their clear oral health benefits.

However, this is far from a universal rule. The best way to find out whether dental implants are right for you in terms of both your health and affordability is to schedule a consultation.

Special Cases for Insurance

There are a few notable special cases where many insurance plans are more likely to cover costs related to dental implants. The most common exception for dental implants is when tooth loss is related to injury or physical trauma.

In these cases, dental implant placement may be just one part of a larger reconstructive surgery. This changes the nature of the treatment from cosmetic to restorative in the eyes of many insurance providers. Insurance plans are more likely to cover some portion of the implant placement costs through this type of coverage.

Affording Your Dental Implants

At SF Oral Surgery, we can work together to determine whether your insurance plan covers your dental implants. Our team can assist you in discovering if your plan covers any part of the dental implant procedure.

There are also other financing options available for this important care. SF Oral Surgery works with CareCredit® to help put more treatment options within your reach through effective credit agreements. You could find yourself able to access more treatment options than you might think.

Find the Right Restorative Treatment for You

When you come into SF Oral Surgery, our team will carefully evaluate your needs to determine the right restorative treatment option to ensure oral health and quality of life. SF Oral surgery works closely with our patients in San Francisco to develop the right treatment plan for every individual.

If you are considering dental implants, SF Oral Surgery can help you understand your options. Find out what your treatment plan will entail and how affordable financing options can help make it a reality.

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