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Mature Female Drinking From Water Bottle With Towel Around NeckBefore you’re able to have dental implants placed with our doctors at SF Oral Surgery, you’ll need to be evaluated for candidacy for this tooth-replacement option. Thankfully, most San Francisco residents are considered good candidates for dental implants, though a pre-surgery like a bone graft, gum graft, or sinus lift may be required as part of your treatment plan prior to the placement of your dental implants. In order to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, call our doctors in San Francisco to schedule an initial consultation so they can perform a full clinical exam and take any needed images.

Determining Good Candidacy for Dental Implants

The day you come in for your initial consultation with one of our doctors at SF Oral Surgery in San Francisco, they will talk to you about your entire health history, talk to you about your medications, answer any questions you have, and use imaging and scans to develop a treatment plan to suit your specific needs based on your unique facial anatomy.

An individual appointment with one of our doctors is the only way to know for sure if you are a good candidate for dental implants and what will be required for your specific case, but here are some questions you can consider to help you understand more about the requirements that need to be met to be considered eligible for this procedure.

  • Do you have any loose or missing teeth, and have they been so for an extended period of time?
    One of the biggest aspects of determining candidacy for dental implants is the health of the jawbone. San Francisco patients who have had loose or missing teeth for an extended period of time, likely have a weakened or deteriorated jawbone. Without a strong base (the jawbone), dental implants cannot be placed. Therefore, if our doctors determine that your jawbone is insufficient to support dental implants, they may require you to have a bone graft prior to their placement.
  • Are you suffering from periodontal disease?
    Another determining factor for dental implants placement is the health of your gums. If you have active periodontal disease and you’re suffering from gums that are tender, red, swollen, or bleeding easily, you may have this oral health condition. Before our doctors can place your dental implants, you’ll need to be treated for periodontal disease and regain healthy gums so your dental implants will succeed.
  • Are you in good overall health, and do you have good oral health?
    It may surprise you to hear that your overall health is a factor that will influence your candidacy for dental implants, but if you have a chronic medical condition or you’ve had many different health issues in the past, it’s important to let our doctors know during your initial consultation. They need to be aware of your entire medical health history so they can determine if you are at risk for complications during or after the placement of your dental implants.
  • Do you use any tobacco products?
    Even though the use of tobacco products doesn’t disqualify you from having dental implants placed, the reality is that tobacco products weaken the gums and cause infection. More than that, though, tobacco use can lead to complications during and after the placement of your dental implants. If you use any tobacco products, be sure to tell our doctors so they can develop a successful treatment plan for your specific needs.

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