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Older female with nice set of upper teeth sf oral surgeryWhen you have a missing tooth, you can’t simply do nothing and ignore it and expect to have good oral health the rest of your life. The two main options you have for a missing tooth are getting dental implants or a dental bridge. Many patients in San Francisco aren’t sure which option to choose, and doing your own research doesn’t always bring a lot of clarity. Every patient is different, so visiting with our doctors for an evaluation will ensure you have the best procedure done that benefits your long-term oral health. Here are the main differences between dental bridges and dental implants, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Dental Bridges

With dental bridges, crowns are placed on the natural teeth on both sides of the gap where the missing tooth was located. A bridge is then created between the two crowns to hold the artificial tooth, which is not fixed to the jaw at all. The main benefit of a dental bridge is that it’s easy to install and doesn’t require many follow up visits. The downfall of dental bridges is the crowns will have to be replaced within about ten years, and it is not uncommon for bridges to break unexpectedly. And even worse, some of the bone tissue under the crown could reposition and lead to instability, among other long-term issues.

Dental Implants

With dental implants, our dentists in San Francisco will insert a titanium implant directly into the jawbone where the tooth is missing. The implant bonds to the jawbone tissue keeping it stable and healthy. Once the implant has settled, an abutment attached to the implant, followed by an artificial, natural-looking tooth.

Dental implants are ideal for most patients in San Francisco because of the support they provide to your jaw. Because implants look like your natural teeth, most people won’t even realize you don’t have your natural tooth. And once dental implants are placed they will last for 20+ years without having to be replaced. The main drawback is the lengthy multi-step process required to install the implant, but the results are well worth the time.

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While dental implants are typically the best option for most San Francisco patients, we still want to talk to each of our patients before making any recommendations. Every patient is different, so we will never assume what is best for you until we have learned more about you and your oral health history. After a thorough discussion and examination, we will make our unbiased and professional recommendation.

At SF Oral Surgery, we work hard every day to ensure our San Francisco patients are confident and comfortable with every procedure. Whether you need a dental bridge or a dental implant, we are here to help you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to set up your consultation, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our services and our team of doctors.

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