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Young Woman Sitting on the Ledge Of A Building On Her PhoneEvery year, our doctors at SF Oral Surgery see hundreds of teens and young adults who want or need to have wisdom teeth removal. These pesky molars not only cause pain and discomfort for many, but they also interfere with the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

If you have been considering wisdom teeth removal with our doctors, they want you to be well-informed before your big day, so keep reading to learn more about wisdom teeth removal, problems they can cause, and ways you can recover from wisdom teeth removal faster.

What Are Wisdom Teeth and Why Do I Have Them?

Wisdom teeth, which are also referred to as third molars, are completely unnecessary for us in the modern age, though they were a vital part of our ancestors’ lives. Because they did not have proper oral hygiene to protect their teeth, our ancestors often lost many of their teeth by the time they hit their early 20s. So, when their third molars made their appearance, they were a welcomed sight because they restored a bit of their oral function.

But today, we don’t lose our teeth at the rate our ancestors did (thankfully!), so we don’t truly NEED them. When wisdom teeth try to come in, there is often no room left in the mouth to accommodate them. Because of this, they often try to emerge at an angle, or they get trapped beneath the gums, cause pain, and disrupt your previously straight smile.

Many San Francisco residents choose our doctors for wisdom teeth removal because they have experienced:

Bite misalignment


Damage to the jawbone and adjacent teeth

Bacterial infection

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Choosing Wisdom Teeth Removal with Our Doctors at SF Oral Surgery

If you believe you need wisdom teeth removal, the first thing you should do is schedule a wisdom teeth removal consultation with one of our doctors in San Francisco. During this consultation, our doctors will perform a full clinical examination, take images, talk to you about your overall health history, answer any questions you have, and develop a treatment plan to best suit your needs.

When you visit our doctors on the day of your wisdom teeth removal procedure, they will first administer your chosen type of anesthesia to ensure your comfort and keep you unaware of your procedure. After you have been made comfortable, your doctor will:

  • Make an incision into your gum line or around the teeth.
  • Remove your wisdom teeth.
  • Suture the incision with dissolvable stitches.

After your wisdom teeth removal has been completed, you will be given time to rest as you wake up from the effects of your anesthesia. Once you are ready, you will be released to a family friend or relative to return home, where you should rest as you recover.

Tips to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Removal Faster

Your recovery process after wisdom teeth removal is very important, and our doctors want to help you go through that process well and safely. To help you recover from your procedure faster, be sure to follow these tips:

  1. Rest as directed in the days following your wisdom teeth removal. Not following this simple instruction will slow down your recovery process and could also cause complications.
  2. Avoid sucking from a straw during your wisdom teeth removal recovery. Doing so could dislodge the needed blood clots from your surgical sites.
  3. Keep your head elevated for the first few days to avoid swelling and excessive bleeding.
  4. Gently apply ice packs to the sides of your face in 15-minute intervals throughout the day to reduce swelling on your face.
  5. Stay hydrated during your recovery to promote faster healing after your wisdom teeth removal.
  6. Choose healthy foods and drinks to ensure your body is properly nourished during your recovery.
  7. Do not eat foods that are hard, crunchy, or spicy for at least a week. These types of foods can irritate your surgical sites and slow down your recovery process.

If you have any questions regarding the recovery process from your wisdom teeth removal, be sure to call our doctors in San Francisco.

Our Doctors Are Knowledgeable in Wisdom Teeth Removal

With years of experience providing the greater San Francisco men, women, and teens with wisdom teeth removal, our doctors can help you find relief from the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing from your wisdom teeth.

To get started, contact our doctors in San Francisco today and a team member will be happy to help you.

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