Can I Replace My Extracted Tooth During the Same Appointment?

Male model for tooth extraction.
Tooth extractions can help protect your smile from continuing infections and oral health concerns, but having a gap in your smile can be aesthetically and emotionally uncomfortable. Naturally, you likely want to replace your missing teeth after tooth extraction, especially if a prominent front tooth was extracted.
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How Can I Prepare My Child for Oral Surgery?

Mother and daughter smiling.
There are many things that cause fear and anxiety for children when going to a dental appointment. From the sounds of the dental instruments to just not knowing what to expect, you may wonder how to prepare your child for oral surgery.
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Dental Implants Lifetime

Female model for dental implants.
One of any patient’s biggest concerns about restorative treatment is how long it will last. Dental implants are widely known as one of the longest-lasting and most durable treatment options. Here is what you can expect from your dental implants.
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How Should You Clean All-on-4® Implants?

Female model for All-on-4® dental implants.
All-on-4® implants can provide you with a beautiful smile of replacement teeth that use dental implants as a solid foundation. They are often an excellent alternative to traditional dentures, but many patients wonder how to clean and care for their implant restoration.
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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Male model for dental implants.
Dental implants are a restorative treatment option that can help patients who are missing one, several, or all of their teeth. They provide exceptional results and longevity, but many patients are concerned about the potential cost of their treatment.
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What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth and Why Remove Them?

Younger Female with Happy Bright Smile Laying Head On Arms
Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars at the back of your mouth and are the youngest of all your teeth. The rest of your teeth emerge when you are still young. For instance, your two front teeth or central incisors erupt when you are six or eight months old.
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