Patient Care Coordinator

Say hello to our Patient Care Coordinator, Farrah! Being a woman of many interests, she loves shopping, traveling, eating out (particularly at her favorite San Francisco eatery: Taqueria Cancun), sports (especially basketball), and hiking. Her dream vacation spot is anywhere warm and beachy. She is really excited to join our team and become an incredible asset to our staff!


Business Coordinator/Surgical Assistant

She has been working in dentistry for over 30 years! She loves getting to know different people each day. She enjoys traveling, shopping, watching Chinese soap operas and sleeping! Her favorite travel destination is Hong Kong. Her favorite restaurant is Little Sheep Hot Pot!


Insurance Coordinator

She has been in dentistry for many years! She loves cooking, dancing and spending time with her grandbabies!


Clinical Supervisor

I have been working in the dentistry for over 14 years in a mixture of different specialities like General Dentistry, Periodontics, Endodontics, but so far my favorite is and the most rewording so far is Oral Surgery. I enjoy helping people through their treatment and making it easy and smooth as possible. I love seeing patients leaving our office happy and with huge smile, because I know that my team did their best to make patients feel at ease. I love hanging out with my family, running, going to concerts, reading and watching movies, shows, or forensic files. My favorite vacation place is Hawaii, but my dream vacation is Tahiti or Italy.


Surgical Assistant

Brittany is one of our lovely Surgical Assistants, born and raised here in San Francisco. To Brittany, being able to help people gain their confidence back in their smile is gratifying! She has a big heart for the people around her and loves hanging out with her friends and family and finding fun concerts to attend. Brittany is also another food lover, but she has a soft spot specifically for Filipino food because it reminds her of her great grandmother! We're happy to have Brittany on her team and hope that one day, she's able to visit her dream vacation spot in Poland to see the beautiful architecture there. That sounds like it'd be an amazing experience!


Treatment Coordinator

Wendy's motto is to be part of the helping and healing process as an Office Assistant. She treats all patients with the genuine care and attention they deserve. She enjoys being part of a team because she believes that working together results in the highest quality of care for our patients. Her favorite hobbies include watching movies, arts & crafts and creating photo albums on Shutterfly. Wendy's favorite restaurant spot in the city is Nopa. With a spirit of adventure, her dream vacations include Switzerland and Japan.


Surgical Assistant

Estefani is our loveable Surgical Assistant with a strong passion for helping others. Her favorite part of working with us is being able to help both our doctors and patients. When not in the office, she is often at the gym or going on food adventures with family and friends. Estefani's go-to recommendation for lunch is In-N-Out Burger, and her favorite restaurants include Espetus and B-Star. She dreams of traveling to Bora Bora to swim with the stingrays!


Office Assistant

Cindy brightens our day with her smile and positive personality! As part of the SF Oral Surgery team, she loves bringing joy to our patients. Her favorite part is being able to see their smiles after receiving treatment. Cindy's favorite spot to eat in the city is Limon. On weekends you will find her hiking and capturing the breathtaking views of SF! When she is not out exploring, she is spending time with family and friends or reading a good book. Her dream vacation is the City of Gold (Dubai) and staying at the world’s only 7-star hotel.


Front Office Dental Financial Coordinator

Jennifer is our amazing Dental Financial Coordinator, and we are as excited as she is to grow in an incredible team, learn some new skills, and demonstrate her wealth of talent. Her top favorite hobbies are working out and reading, and with so many great restaurants that she enjoys, it would be hard for her to choose just one as a favorite! We are happy to take care of our clients alongside a person as positive as Jennifer while she works toward her dream vacations in Petra, Jordan and Rome, Italy.


Sterilization Tech

We are very pleased to welcome CJ to our team! One aspect CJ is most excited about with this position is being in an office where she can observe many surgeries over time, whether minor or life changing, and to see brilliant dentists help put a smile on the faces of their patients. Her heart is deeply invested in her work as she learns about medicine in her spare time between exercising, reading/watching Anime and mysteries, learning about different cultures and languages, as well as spending time with friends, especially when it's grabbing a bite to eat at Urban Curry! Embracing the adventuring spirit, CJ would love to travel to Nigeria, South Korea, Samoa, Australia, Colombia, and Spain. However, her dream is to travel to as many countries as possible in her lifetime.


Office Assistant

As an avid lover of painting, drawing, making music, and going to the gym, our outstanding Office Assistant has shown great excitement for beginning to work with a team that is dedicated to giving the best patient care. He highly recommends grabbing a bite to eat at Burma Superstar, and looks forward to someday spending some vacation time in Jamaica.