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Older man with glasses in suit sf oral surgeryDental implants are one of the most common surgical procedures performed around the country. While the vast majority of them are low risk and have no complications, it is still very much a surgical procedure, and as such, there are considerations a patient must take into account after successful dental implant surgery is completed.

If a San Francisco patient has recently had dental implants put in, here are a couple of things they should keep in mind upon leaving the office and during the first several days of their recovery

Do Not Remove the Gauze Packs Right Away 

Once a patient wakes up from their dental implant procedure, they will notice they have gauze packs in their mouth. These packs should not be touched for at least the first hour after dental implants.

No Driving or Operating any Type of Machinery 

If an SF patient’s dental implant surgery required the use of a sleeping sedative, it is strongly recommended they do not drive or operate any type of heavy machinery for the next 24 hours after leaving the office. The patient should make arrangements for the ride home after the procedure.

Ease Back into Eating Solid Foods 

Upon completion of the dental implant procedure, a patient can begin eating again after one hour or so. For the first 24 hours after dental implants, be sure to avoid overly hot or cold food and drinks and avoid drinking from a straw. Most importantly, only eat soft foods for the first 24 hours after having the dental implants procedure. If a patient in SF has any questions about what can be eaten and how, please ask the oral surgeon for more information before leaving the office.

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No Smoking After Surgery

It is strongly advised a patient does not smoke for any reason after successful dental implant surgery. It will not only cause pain in the surgical areas, but it will also needlessly expose them to bacteria, thereby greatly increasing the chance of a patient contracting a postoperative infection.

No Exercise or Strenuous Activity 

A patient can resume light, non-strenuous activities as soon as they are feeling well enough to do so after the dental implant procedure. It is recommended a patient does not exercise or undertake any kind of strenuous activity for at least the first three days following the dental implant surgery. The reason for this declaration is twofold:

  • The first is the patient will most likely be on narcotics after dental implants and trying to exercise or undertake other activities involving coordination greatly increases their chances of injuring themselves.
  • The other is undertaking any kind of vigorous activity or exercise could result in the tearing of stitches or sutures to the dental implant site. This could result in a prolonged healing time in the long run and unnecessary bleeding in the present.

If you have additional questions about what you should or should not be doing after dental implant surgery and are based in San Francisco, contact our doctors at SF Oral Surgery today. Our warm and friendly San Francisco-based medical staff makes sure to always put our patients’ needs front and center during dental implants and all procedures.

You can either contact us online or by phone at (415) 776-6710 if you have any questions about dental implant surgery.

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