SF Oral Surgery has been supporting San Francisco patients for generations with high-quality care and advanced surgical procedures. If your child needs oral surgery, you can rely on our practice for pediatric dentistry.


Kind and Comfortable Pediatric Dentistry

The oral surgery practice you choose for your child needs to offer more than just excellent techniques. Its staff and doctors should be reassuring, kind, and patient. At SF Oral Surgery, we strive to help your child maintain the best oral health care with gentle surgical and anesthetic techniques that minimize the stress and discomfort normally associated with oral surgery.

We believe that by explaining procedures to your child at a level they can understand, your child will not be scared of their procedure. During a consultation, we will describe what happens to them using simple language and take the time to make your child feel at ease before their procedure. Our oral surgeons and technicians will strive to provide your child with the best possible care and attention while we correct any painful or problematic dental conditions.

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Procedures We Offer for San Francisco Pediatric Dentistry

Oral surgeons have unique qualifications to provide your child with pediatric dentistry that a general dentist is unable to perform. San Francisco parents bring their children to SF Oral Surgery with a variety of conditions that need experienced treatment, such as:

Removal of baby teeth and permanent teeth that have become impacted. Your dentist or orthodontist may recommend extracting baby teeth or permanent teeth if they become an obstacle to the healthy growth of adjacent teeth. Your child may also require his or her impacted teeth to be removed if there is inadequate space for them to grow in. SF Oral Surgery will work with your child’s dentist or orthodontist to ensure that their teeth are normal and healthy.

TraumaIt’s hard to get out of childhood without a few bumps and bruises. Some children even require tooth replacement or emergency treatment after a sports injury, car accident, or another unfortunate event. SF Oral Surgery will replace teeth that your child has lost and repair traumatic damage to their mouth and other surrounding tissue and bones. SF Oral Surgery is equipped to perform oral surgery at a moment’s notice in an emergency for patients who need immediate treatment.

Biopsy. Your child’s dentist may recommend a biopsy of an area of the mouth if he or she sees something in a routine examination that requires further exploration. SF Oral Surgery’s dental team is equipped to provide gentle and caring treatment before, during, and after your child’s biopsy.

Frenectomy. Your dentist may recommend a “frenectomy” to remove some of the tissue that connects the lips and gums or gums and tongue. This small bit of tissue can inhibit your child’s ability to speak clearly and eat comfortably.  A Frenectomy can assist in eliminating embarrassing speech impediments and discomfort.

Visiting SF Oral Surgery

Although most of our pediatric patients are referred by their pediatric dentist or general dentist, we can schedule a consultation or emergency appointment for your child. Particularly in cases of trauma, we encourage parents to seek treatment as soon as possible to limit the residual damage that may require more invasive procedures. Whether you come in for a consultation or emergency oral surgery, Dr. Michael Chan, Dr. Kirsten Rittenbach, and Dr. Brian Yang welcome your visit and look forward to serving you.

We love caring for our Pediatric Patients!

Our team at SF Oral Surgery understands that San Francisco parents often have questions and concerns about their child’s oral health. Our doctors and team are well trained and experienced in caring for kids of all ages.

Common services for those aged 1 to 18

Our procedures can be performed utilizing different types of anesthesia options to ensure the comfort and safety of your child.

Primary Teeth and Pediatric Dentistry

There seems to be some confusion about the fact that the primary teeth eventually will fall out, making way for the adult teeth to erupt. Despite the temporary nature of primary teeth, parents should continue to do their best to care for their child’s “baby” teeth. Not only do the primary teeth let your child eat and speak properly, but they also provide the path that the adult teeth will take when they come in. Maintaining their health is critical for your child’s current and future oral health.

Learn more about our surgical services in pediatric dentistry. Call SF Oral Surgery’s San Francisco office at (415) 776-6710 to schedule an initial consultation.

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