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Smiling Young Man Standing Next to Smiling FatherOur doctors at SF Oral Surgery in San Francisco know how difficult it can be to find the right dental professional for their specific needs. This confusion is most common when a tooth extraction is needed. After all, it seems like a dentist would be the natural choice for any type of tooth extraction. However, the truth is, dentists often refer their patients who require tooth extraction, to an oral surgeon for treatment. But why? And how do you know whether you need a dentist or an oral surgeon for your particular tooth extraction needs? Keep reading, and we’ll talk more about this common dental procedure and when you would need to see an oral surgeon instead of a dentist.

First, Consider the Type of Tooth Extraction That You Need

San Francisco men and women who are trying to decide between a dentist and an oral surgeon for their tooth extraction should first consider what type of procedure they need to have done. Is your tooth undamaged and completely visible above the gum line? Or is your tooth damaged, diseased, or partially or completely beneath the gum line? If your tooth presents like the former, you might be able to choose a dentist for your tooth extraction. But if your situation sounds more like the latter, then you’ll need a surgical extraction, and only an oral surgeon like our doctors can perform this type of procedure.

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Choosing an Oral Surgeon for Your Tooth Extraction

When you choose an oral surgeon like our doctors at SF Oral Surgery in San Francisco, you’re choosing a dental professional who is fully trained in surgical procedures pertaining to the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. They have extensive training in the anatomy of the human face, and they know how to properly remove teeth that require precision. Additionally, an oral surgeon has been trained in the use of all types of oral anesthesia and can perform your tooth extraction safely in their office.

Beyond their training, there are several other reasons why you should choose an oral surgeon like one of our doctors over a dentist for your tooth extraction:

Do you have a cracked or fractured tooth?
This type of tooth extraction should only be performed by a trained oral surgeon because they have the ability to administer oral anesthesia, and they’ve been trained to ensure complete removal of the tooth safely.

Does your facial structure necessitate the need for an oral surgeon?
Some San Francisco patients have limited jaw mobility, a larger sinus cavity, or a tooth that is oddly positioned within the jawbone. If this is the case for you, you’ll need the help of one of our doctors who fully understand the anatomy of the face, and who can easily remove your tooth safely.

Do you have underlying medical conditions that put you at an increased risk of experiencing complications?
Because an oral surgeon has the training and experience dealing with the medical side of oral healthcare, they are better equipped to perform tooth extractions for patients with underlying health conditions, or those who might be at an increased risk of complications during procedures.

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