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Asian senior couple relaxing in the park laughing in sunshine sf oral surgeryGetting dental implants in SF can be a positive life-changing event for many patients. The procedure is done with no complications, but it’s up to the patient to take care of their dental implants as well as their other teeth afterward. Of course, our doctors in SF are there for you every step of the way and will make sure that you know exactly what to do before you leave the office. And we are just a phone call away any time you have questions or concerns. Here are five aftercare tips that can help you to have a speedy recovery that is free of complications following dental implant surgery.

Listen and Respond to Your Body

Our doctors in SF will tell you to expect minimal swelling, which can be reduced by placing an ice pack on the area. Usually, over-the-counter medication is all you need when experiencing any sort of discomfort and our doctors will discuss with you what medications you should take to ease your pain. The important thing is to listen to your body, as it should be reacting exactly as your doctor explained before surgery. As long as you follow the aftercare tips laid out by your doctor, your post-procedure recovery process should not be difficult.

Avoid Hot Drinks and Food

Hot drinks and food can add some stress to your mouth’s tissue. Since this tissue needs some time to heal following your dental implant procedure, you should avoid hot food and drinks for the first few days. Our oral surgeons suggest that you drink cold water because it helps the treated area to heal faster and it will also make you feel more comfortable.

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Brush Your Teeth Gently

You should always brush your teeth, but wait a couple of days before you brush near your dental implants. Use a toothbrush with extra soft and flexible bristles so that the toothbrush doesn’t harm the affected area. There may be some sensitivity around the dental implants, so take it easy with your brushing routine for a couple of days.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

A warm salt water swish can work wonders, keeping your mouth clean and bacteria-free. Just be sure not to swish the water in your mouth too aggressively. Instead, just hold the saltwater in your mouth for a few seconds. Not only will this speed up your recovery, but it will also promote better overall oral health.

Slowly Incorporate Solid Foods

You may not feel like eating solid foods for the first couple of days after getting dental implants. However, once you do start feeling like you can chew, start slow and easy, gradually working your way up to foods that are more solid. Just be sure to brush and clean your mouth after every meal to continue the healthy healing process.

SF Oral Surgery makes the process of getting dental implants simple, from the initial consultation through the recovery phase. We will help you out every step of the way to ensure you have a comfortable and positive experience. Be sure to contact us to set up a consultation to determine whether dental implants are right for you and to learn more about the entire process.

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