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Smiling couple embracing outdoors sf oral surgeryIf you’re considering oral surgery in San Francisco, here are questions you should ask your surgeon:

What are the details of my procedure?

You should always be informed of exactly what’s going to happen during your procedure. Your San Francisco oral surgeon should let you know the details of what will happen, and what the desired outcome will be. It’s important that you feel comfortable enough with your oral surgeon to ask these questions. They should be able to fill you in on the procedure and make you feel comfortable.

How long will the procedure last?

Before undergoing a procedure, it’s necessary to know how long it’s going to take. Your oral surgeon should give you an approximate idea (if not an exact time frame) of how long the duration will be. You may need someone to pick you up from your procedure afterward, so it’s important to know these details to make the appropriate arrangements.

What is the recovery time after oral surgery?

It’s good to know how long the recovery time will be. Depending on your procedure, your recovery time could vary. You may need to make arrangements based on your recovery time, such as taking time off of work or upcoming events. Although every procedure is different, knowing your schedule ahead of time is always beneficial.

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Are there any associated risks or complications that I should know?

To assure yourself and ease your anxiety, it’s important to ask this question. In San Francisco, our oral surgeons are trained to perform any oral surgeries at their highest level of performance. But with any surgery, there are always chances of complications. Make sure that you ask your surgeon so that he/she can help let you know what these are and ways to prevent them.

When can I get back to a normal routine and continue regular physical activities?

You may have to adjust a bit after surgery before you can get back to a normal routine. Oral surgery can require a change in diet, medications, and more. Ask your San Francisco oral surgeon when you can resume your usual physical activities before doing anything challenging.

Your oral surgeon’s job is to make sure you feel comfortable, safe, and confident in your decision. In doing this, your oral surgeon should appropriately prep you before your procedure. However, it’s always a good idea to come prepared with your own set of concerns to help ease your mind, such as the questions listed above. When you arrive for your consultation, it never hurts to have your own list of questions regarding your procedure and what it entails.

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