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Older couple smiling in front of a tree sf oral surgeryDental implants are often an excellent option for patients who, for cosmetic reasons or otherwise, need to have a tooth, or multiple teeth, removed and replaced. And while this is not a procedure to be afraid of in any way, it is still a surgical procedure nonetheless, and as such, our San Francisco doctors often receive many questions about it from patients beforehand, especially surrounding the success rate of the implants and the mitigating factors are concerned.

But we have made a list of some factors that can affect the success of a dental implant procedure. If a potential patient were to have any further questions about one of these factors, feel free to contact our doctors and medical staff, as we are always happy to hear from potential patients.


Smoking is harmful to a person’s health in many ways, but it is particularly harmful to their oral health and can most certainly affect the success of any sort of dental implants. In addition to staining their teeth, smoking reduces the amount of blood flow to a patient’s mouth, which makes it more difficult for the implant to fuse with their jaw.

If a San Francisco patient is going to have dental implants put in, it is strongly recommended they quit smoking six months before the procedure is to take place.

Medical Conditions

If a person is going to have dental implants put in, it is vital they disclose to their oral surgeon any underlying medical conditions they may have. This could affect how their immune system will react to the implant and the subsequent healing process, so if they do have a condition that is related to their immune system, they should make the disclosure to their doctor during their initial consultation.

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Bone Structure and Density

One of the most critical oral health factors that contribute to successful dental implants has to do with the health of a candidate’s bones, as the implant needs to be anchored to something. If there is not enough bone to successfully complete the procedure, the surgeon will discuss having an oral bone graft with the patient. This significantly increases the chances of having a successful procedure.

Timing and Pacing of the Procedure

While it is sometimes possible to complete the procedure in a single day, this is not always the most beneficial course of action for the patient. It is sometimes easier to break the procedure down over a series of months to ensure the surgical site has fully healed after the initial extraction and is ready for the dental implant. This is something that should be discussed with the surgeon in detail before any final course of action is agreed upon.

If you are based in the San Francisco area and are thinking about having dental implants but aren’t quite sure where to begin, reach out to our doctors at SF Oral Surgery. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Our wonderful San Francisco-based staff always prioritizes patient comfort and health above all else.

We can be reached at both our website and by phone at (415) 776-6710.

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