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There are many things that cause fear and anxiety for children when going to a dental appointment. From the sounds of the dental instruments to just not knowing what to expect, you may wonder how to prepare your child for oral surgery. By soothing and assuring them at an early age, you are not only helping your child and the surgeon, but you’re paving the way for your child to grow up with healthy dental habits.

Help Them Understand

It’s important to acknowledge that part of the source of anxiety children may have about surgery is not understanding why it is necessary or fully grasping what they can expect. The oral surgeon will explain the procedure to your child during the consultation, but it’s crucial that you also take the time to discuss the benefits and safety of the surgery with your child well in advance. When children understand the purpose of the surgery and what to expect, they are less likely to feel scared or anxious on the day of the procedure.

Be Mindful of Your Language

Children are perceptive, and they can quickly pick up on your emotions. Remaining calm and reassuring can go a long way toward easing their fears. Talk about the procedure in a calm and positive manner that reassures your child. Avoid language that negatively portrays the oral surgeon or makes oral surgery seem scary or stressful. 

Plan Ahead for Success

Leading up to the surgery, make sure your child sticks to a healthy diet and sleep schedule to enhance their natural healing abilities. The healthier your child is, the more likely their recovery will be improved. Encouraging your child to eat well and get enough sleep helps with their physical recovery and improves their mental well-being.

Help Your Child Prepare for Oral Surgery

To ease your child’s fear and anxiety before oral surgery, prepare them with these steps:

  1. Discuss the surgery calmly and positively, so they know what to expect.
  2. Explain the benefits and safety of the procedure.
  3. Ensure your child follows a healthy diet and sleep schedule leading up to the surgery.

This will make the experience more comfortable and stress-free. Also, consult your child’s oral surgeon for unique insights and recommendations tailored to their individual needs.

At SF Oral Surgery, we understand the importance of helping children feel comfortable before and during their surgeries, and we are committed to providing the best possible care to patients of all ages. Reach out today to schedule a consultation, or call us with any questions.

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