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Older smiling man on black background sf oral surgeryYour smile is one of the first things people notice when it comes to first impressions. Typically when walking into a room, your smile is what people will pay attention to first. This is because when you are smiling, it shows that you feel confident, happy, and are enjoying yourself. For most people, smiling and laughing comes easily and naturally. If you have great teeth, your smile will follow suit. However, not everyone has the best teeth or the best dental care. Over time, it’s possible that your smile may not look its best due to teeth decay and crooked or missing teeth. In San Francisco, SF Oral Surgery can offer you a solution to help restore your smile. One of the best ways to do this if you have damaged or missing teeth is through the procedure of dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are made of a biocompatible metal that is used to fuse with your jawbone. Dental implants will anchor onto your jaw just as the root of your tooth would normally. Once the procedure is completed, your dental implants will serve as functional teeth. San Francisco patients looking for a natural-looking way to improve their smile should choose dental implants.

How Do Dental Implants Help Improve My Smile?

If you are missing one or more teeth, you may think that it’s impossible or too costly to replace. You may feel that you will have to endure the rest of your life without that tooth. Dental implants are a way for you to save your smile, by replacing that tooth (or multiple teeth). Dental implants are a perfect choice for anyone looking to restore their smile. Implants are permanent, unlike dentures.

How Else Do Dental Implants Benefit Me?

Besides restoring a smile; dental implants can also be helpful in other ways. If you have missing teeth and are unhappy with your oral health, you may consider getting dental implants in San Francisco. Here are some of the rewarding benefits of getting dental implants:

  • Real, natural-looking teeth: Because of how the dental implants are placed, they will look very natural in your mouth. They are a better alternative to dentures, which can look acrylic and less subtle.
  • Ego booster: Fixing your teeth will inevitably help your self-esteem. Having missing or damaged teeth can leave you feeling unhappy for a multitude of reasons. When you look great, you feel great, and restoring your smile with dental implants can help do that.
  • Prevention of bone loss: Dentures can often cause bone loss due to the pressure they put on your gums and jaw. However, dental implants prevent bone loss because they are fused with your jaw bone instead. This reduces your chances of having bone loss and other oral complications.
  • Higher self-confidence: Ultimately, the goal of dental implants is to make you feel confident and comfortable. Implants can help you chew better or speak more comfortably, and that will help increase your confidence over time. Having a bright, full smile doesn’t hurt either.

At SF Oral Surgery, our oral surgeons can help explain more benefits of dental implants and how they can improve your smile. Call our practice in San Francisco at (415) 776-6710 to schedule a consultation today.

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