asian couple smiling in a fieldDental implants are a popular choice for patients in San Francisco who need to have an individual tooth or multiple teeth replaced due to cosmetic injuries (i.e., breaking or chipping) or medical reasons (i.e., disease or decay.) This is one of the most commonly performed oral health procedures performed in dentistry today, but dental implants are still very much a surgical procedure and should be treated as such.

One of the most common questions our San Francisco-based doctors at SF Oral Surgery get with regards to dental implants is about how to reduce the chance of getting an infection after the procedure is complete. This is a very astute and important question to answer, so let’s take a few moments to explore a few things San Francisco patients can do to minimize their chances of postoperative complications.

Work with a Trusted Oral Surgeon

As a patient, this will be the single most important step to take throughout the dental implant journey. An oral surgeon will not only be responsible for helping to come up with a strategy to minimize infection after the procedure is complete, but they will also be responsible for preventing it from even happening in the first place. It is their job to make sure they are not introducing any bacteria that could cause infection during the surgery by using sterile and high-quality tools in a surgically appropriate environment. If a patient works with a trusted oral surgeon, that will go a long way towards a successful recovery.

Taking Medications as Prescribed 

If a patient’s oral surgeon decides to prescribe them antibiotics or another form of medication after the dental implant surgery, it is vital that it is taken as instructed. This is most often a preventative measure, but occasionally, a patient may be more at risk to develop an infection due to an outside mitigating factor.

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Undertake a Proper Rinsing Schedule

It is strongly suggested that, after the first day of dental implant surgery, a post-operative patient should begin washing their mouth out with very mild saltwater. This can help to get rid of unwanted bacteria that could cause an infection.

Maintain Regular Oral Hygiene 

A regular oral hygiene routine should be maintained after the dental implant surgery is complete. Brushing, flossing, and otherwise practicing good preventative is an excellent step when it comes to preventing infection from occurring after dental implant surgery.

Quit Smoking 

If a patient is going to be considering dental implant surgery, they must not smoke before, and especially not after, the surgery is complete, as this will needlessly introduce excess bacteria into the mouth.

Eat Soft Foods at the Beginning 

Until the patient is directed to do otherwise, they should stick to a soft food diet to ease into getting used to the new dental implants.

If you are considering getting dental implants and are located in the San Francisco area, look no further than our wonderful doctors at SF Oral Surgery. Our experienced staff always put the comfort and well-being of our patients first. We can be reached via our website or by telephone at (415) 776-6710.

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