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Senior couple with camera on beach sf oral surgeryAt SF Oral Surgery, we strive to provide our patients with missing teeth with the best care possible. Dental implants are often considered as a tooth replacement option when patients begin having complications or problems with their teeth. Implants are the closest thing to having natural teeth, and they work excellently as replacement teeth. There are many benefits as a result of the procedure for those who struggle with confidence and self-esteem of not having healthy teeth or an amazing smile. At our practice in San Francisco, we can help to restore you back to excellent oral health with dental implants.

The most common reason people consider dental implants is because they have missing teeth. Whether you are missing multiple teeth or even just one tooth, you could be a good candidate for dental implants. Implant dentistry can help replace these missing teeth and will feel the most like your real teeth compared to any other tooth replacement option. As long as you have healthy gums and have enough bone support, dental implants are the best, most natural choice for tooth replacement.

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Dental implants serve as artificial teeth that are placed into the jawbone of your mouth. They latch on as the root of your teeth would naturally, so that they can last a lifetime. Implants are a popular alternative to dentures, partials, and bridges, which patients may find not as effective because they need to be removed or they are not designed for longevity. Implant dentistry has many benefits to offer San Francisco patients, like you, such as:

  1. Less high-maintenance option to dentures. The routine care that dental implants require is regular brushing and flossing, similar to your natural teeth. There is no need to use cleansers and soaking detergents, or special glues which are necessary to wear and care for dentures, for example.
  2. Implant dentistry can offer you a permanent solution. If you handle your implants with proper care, they can last a very long time.
  3. Implants are fixed in your mouth in a more permanent way. Unlike dentures, they won’t wiggle loose or fall out.
  4. If you are missing teeth, you can eventually lose support to the other parts of your mouth, like your gums, bone, and lips, which can ultimately affect your smile. Replacement implants will help maintain the health and strength of bone and gum structures of your mouth and will keep you smiling beautifully.
  5. Implants cannot get cavities since they are not real teeth. (Although it’s important to know that oral hygiene is still important!)
  6. Having implant surgery will mean that you can feel confident again with a restored smile. Missing teeth can cause you to feel insecure or upset about your appearance. Fixing your smile and regaining all of your teeth can alleviate embarrassment and boost your self-esteem.
  7. Implant dentistry is the most natural-looking and natural-feeling tooth replacement solution. Dentures can be easily noticeable because of the acrylic gums. Implants look more natural because they are designed to blend in with your actual gums and surrounding teeth and ultimately are a more stable choice.
  8. The recovery time after dental implant surgery is not long. With the proper care, you can ensure that your implants will heal well and remain intact for many years to come.
  9. Getting implants at SF Oral Surgery is a quality choice for replacing your teeth. Our skilled oral surgeons have done hundreds of implants for San Francisco patients, just like you, and are highly experienced.
  10. Implants are an excellent choice for people dealing with missing teeth. As technology in dentistry has improved, implants have become more viable and proven more efficient, last longer, and are more functionally and esthetically pleasing than dentures or any other tooth replacement option.

At SF Oral Surgery, we want you to have the best teeth and smile possible. If dental implants seem like the right choice for you, call us today and schedule an appointment. You can reach our San Francisco office at (415) 776-6710.

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