Corrective Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery) San Francisco

Corrective jaw surgery can help realign your jaw after a traumatic injury, accident, or due to a congenital problem. Many patients in San Francisco suffer from this condition which can cause:

  • Difficulty speaking
  • Open bite
  • Projecting jaw
  • Trouble chewing
  • Harder to breathe
  • Soreness around your jaw

During a comprehensive exam, one of the experienced oral surgeons at SF Oral Surgery will determine if you are a good candidate for corrective jaw surgery.

Will Corrective Jaw Surgery Help Me?

If you have one or more of the symptoms listed above, it is possible that you are a good candidate for corrective jaw surgery. Your procedure may include:

  • Properly aligning upper and lower jaws.
  • Straightening crooked teeth.
  • Restoring the function of your teeth so that they touch.
  • Improving the contours of your face.

SF Oral Surgery offers patients in San Francisco the opportunity to undergo corrective jaw surgery with the latest techniques and equipment to diagnose and treat their jaw problems.

How Can You Tell If I Need Corrective Jaw Surgery?

During your initial consultation at SF Oral Surgery, you will receive options for treatment including both non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures.

Ultimately, many patients will try non-surgical treatment before moving to corrective jaw surgery. Several patients with sleep apnea and TMJ find relief with the help of medical devices that are designed with comfort in mind. SF Oral Surgery can recommend different treatment options for San Francisco patients who would rather wait to have surgery at a later date.

Who Should Perform My Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Corrective jaw surgery is a complex surgical procedure that requires extensive training in facial anatomy and an understanding of how this affects the teeth. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is the most qualified to perform this procedure because they account for dental and cranial anatomy.

Although all oral and maxillofacial surgeons can perform this procedure, you should find an experienced surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and has recommendations from other dental professionals. These additional qualifications will guarantee a better outcome with more predictable results after surgery.

What Will Happen During My Corrective Jaw Surgery?

After clearing you for surgery, your surgery will be performed at a hospital or outpatient surgery center in San Francisco. During the surgery, one of the oral surgeons at SF Oral Surgery will:

  • Make an incision on the inside of the mouth to access the jawbones.
  • Remove or reshape the jawbones to fit together.
  • Close the incisions with sutures.

After surgery, patients will take time to recover and possibly require an overnight stay depending on whether or not both jaws were involved in the operation.

How Long Will It Take to Heal from Corrective Jaw Surgery?

San Francisco patients who undergo corrective jaw surgery will usually be restricted to an all-liquid diet for a few weeks after surgery. Once the initial stage of healing is complete, you will be able to progress to a diet of soft foods and eventually resume your normal diet.

After your surgery, you will likely experience symptoms such as:

  • Tingling
  • Soreness
  • Pain
  • Swelling

However, these symptoms will improve as you continue to heal until your jaw has realigned and is in the proper position.

Will I Need to Spend Time Rehabilitating My Jaw?

Many conditions that necessitate corrective jaw surgery will also require collaboration with other specialists such as an orthodontist and speech therapist. While the long-term results will be beneficial, patients will need braces to straighten their teeth and may require speech therapy.

These aspects of your treatment will be built into a comprehensive plan that is coordinated to aid your recovery. As you heal, you will regain your ability to chew, bite, and speak with your newly aligned jaw.

For more information about corrective jaw surgery, contact our San Francisco office at 415.776.6710.