If your general dentist or orthodontist recommends removing your third molars, you may have a lot of questions about the surgery.

  • Will it hurt?
  • What can you expect with a procedure?
  • Will it require a painful recovery?

There’s good news for patients in San Francisco: wisdom teeth pain before, during, and after surgery doesn’t have to be a concern if you have the right professional care. Learn from SF Oral Surgery how we support patients at every stage in the process.

Remember Why You’re Having a Procedure

While you might prefer lying on a beach to having oral surgery, keep in mind the important reasons you should have your third molars removed.

Over time, your wisdom teeth can cause a variety of concerns:

  • Malpositioned wisdom teeth can grow horizontally, at an angle, or away from your other teeth. This can damage nearby teeth and cause significant discomfort.
  • Wisdom teeth may not emerge from the soft tissue or jawbone as they should and can become impacted. This can lead to infection, pain, swelling, and decay.
  • Malpositioned or partially erupted teeth can push other teeth out of alignment and affect your whole smile.

As a result, avoiding surgery doesn’t necessarily mean preventing wisdom teeth pain. A proactive approach to your oral health is likely to avert complications down the road.

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Managing San Francisco Wisdom Teeth Pain in Surgery

We recommend choosing an experience oral surgeon to conduct your extraction. Experts like the doctors as SF Oral Surgery have years of training and perform oral surgeries on a daily basis. Just as importantly, they study and practice anesthesia extensively as part of their education.

During your San Francisco wisdom tooth extraction, this experience is important. Advanced skills in anesthesia means that they can carefully and safely administer sedation and monitor your comfort.

Our oral surgeons offer patients several options for anesthesia. With each, you will not feel any pain from the surgery.

  • Local anesthetics that numb the mouth, teeth, gums, and surrounding area.
  • Nitrous oxide, which is used as an adjunct to local anesthesia to usually help to relax you.
  • General anesthesia, so that you are asleep during the procedure.

This variety of techniques means that we can serve patients no matter what their preferences are.

Reducing Wisdom Teeth Pain in Your Recovery

If you choose our oral surgery practice, your mouth will be numb following your procedure. Our staff actually prepares you by having you fill out pain prescriptions before surgery. That way, when you go home, you’ll be able to continue pain management.

During your recovery, you can reduce discomfort by staying hydrated and medicated. You should also follow your surgeon’s guidance for caring for your mouth. Likely, this means cleaning the area and changing what and how you eat for a few days until your gums have healed.

If you’re concerned about pain before, during, or after wisdom teeth removal, take comfort in knowing that it really is manageable and likely far less of an issue than you imagine. Start by talking with an oral surgeon and getting answers to any questions you have so that you enter the decision more confidently.

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