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Smiling couple on a lawn sf oral surgeryPeople all over San Francisco suffer from tooth pain, have cracked or broken teeth, or have missing teeth that cause them emotional trauma every day. If you’re wondering if you should seek help from a qualified implant dentist, this blog is a “must-read.” In it, we will discuss some of the signs you may be experiencing that are telling you that you to see an implant dentist.

1. You should see an implant dentist if you are missing one or more of your natural teeth.

Regardless of whether you’re missing one or multiple teeth, chances are you’re guarding your smile and talking with tight lips to avoid embarrassment. At SF Oral Surgery in San Francisco, our doctors can fill in the gaps your missing teeth have left with natural-looking dental implants. Not only do they look better than you can imagine, but they function and feel just like your natural teeth. If you’re missing one or more teeth, call our doctors today to discuss how they can help with implant dentistry.

2. If you are experiencing gum recession, you need to see an implant dentist.

Missing teeth are not the only reason to seek a professional in the field of implant dentistry. Gum disease can have serious effects on your gums, teeth, and overall health. If your gum disease has progressed to the point where they are sore, swollen, red, or bleeding, it’s important that you call our doctors at SF Oral Surgery for a consultation. Gum recession is not only painful, but it can cause your teeth to loosen, or even fall out. Dental implants can greatly help men and women in San Francisco who have loose or missing teeth due to gum recession.

3. You are experiencing bone resorption

If you currently have dentures or a bridge to replace your missing teeth, chances are you’ve noticed them shifting and sliding as time has gone on. You may have even had to have an entirely new set of dentures made to fit the new shape of your mouth. This change is due to bone resorption. You see, the roots of natural teeth provide constant stimulation to the jawbone, keeping it strong and solid. When you have missing teeth, that stimulation stops; therefore, the bone begins to deteriorate and weaken. When you choose implant dentistry instead of dentures or bridges, your bone will not deteriorate. Dental implants act just like natural tooth roots and stimulate jawbone, keeping it nice and healthy!

4. You have a diseased tooth that cannot be saved

It’s the painful truth that sometimes teeth become so badly decayed or diseased that they need to be removed. As we’ve mentioned above, a missing tooth isn’t a good thing, so in order to protect your jawbone and oral function, our implant dentistry doctors at SF Oral Surgery recommend having your extracted tooth replaced with a permanent dental implant. You can even have your tooth extraction, and dental implant placed the same day!

5. You have a severely cracked or broken tooth

Oftentimes, men and women in the San Francisco area will seek the help of a surgeon who specializes in implant dentistry if they have a severely cracked or broken tooth. While they always want to save as much natural tooth as possible, some breaks or cracks are so severe that they require extraction. Our doctors can help get you back to your old self with a dental implant to replace your damaged tooth.

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