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Father with Large Smile Hugging Young DaughterOur doctors at SF Oral Surgery meet with hundreds of San Francisco patients every year to discuss wisdom teeth removal. These frustrating (and painful) molars can wreak havoc for many, whether you have one, two, or all four of your wisdom teeth.

When our doctors discuss wisdom teeth removal treatment plans with their patients in San Francisco, they’re often asked whether or not they should have all of their wisdom teeth removed at once, or if they should spread their treatment out over multiple surgeries. Because our doctors want to ensure their patients are well-informed before they make any decisions regarding their wisdom teeth removal treatment, we will take time to answer this question now in this blog, so keep reading.

Wisdom Teeth and the Problems That They Cause

Wisdom teeth are not teeth we need in today’s world. Our ancestors needed these teeth because they didn’t have the advanced oral hygiene we have today, so they lost many of their teeth by the time they were in their late teens and early 20s. So, when their wisdom teeth came in, they were welcomed, as they allowed our ancestors to regain some oral function and chewing ability.

But today, we keep our adult teeth for many, many years (thankfully!), so when they begin to come in, there is no room for them to properly emerge. This lack of room causes wisdom teeth to become impacted, which can lead to discomfort and other oral problems. To alleviate these problems, our doctors recommend wisdom teeth removal to their San Francisco patients in order to protect their remaining teeth, tooth roots, and jawbone.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal with Our Doctors at SF Oral Surgery

If you live in San Francisco and still have your wisdom teeth, call our doctors at SF Oral Surgery to discuss wisdom teeth removal. When you visit them for your initial consultation, they will develop a customized plan to remove your teeth in a way that best suits your needs.

In general, our doctors recommend patients remove all of their wisdom teeth at one time. Not only will this alleviate all of your wisdom teeth discomforts once and for all, but it will save you time and money and keep you from needing to be put under anesthesia more than necessary.

When you come into our area office for wisdom teeth removal, our doctors will first administer anesthesia in order to make you comfortable and unaware of your procedure. Once you have been made comfortable, our doctors will:

  • Make an incision into your gum line or around the teeth.
  • Remove your wisdom teeth.
  • Suture the incision with dissolvable stitches.

You will have time to rest after surgery until you are ready to go home with the help of a friend or relative.

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If you’ve started to experience pain caused by your wisdom teeth, don’t wait any longer to call our doctors and schedule your initial consultation for wisdom teeth removal. Our doctors have been serving San Francisco men, women, and teens for many years, and they can help you, too!

Call our office today at (415) 776-6710 to book your appointment!

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