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Man with missing front tooth holding up toothbrush sf oral surgeryTooth loss is often the last stage that a patient in San Francisco will go through when a tooth has had poor oral health for quite some time. This kind of loss often results in needing implant dentistry. Tooth loss is something that is, however, highly preventable, and the majority of the things that can be done to prevent it are both easy to accomplish and can be done right in the comfort of a home. Let’s take a couple of moments now to go through five simple steps that will most certainly help a person prevent tooth loss.

  1. Brush Twice Daily, Morning and Night

This is, quite possibly, both the simplest step and the most important one on the entire list. If a person brushes their teeth in the morning and at night, before bed, they are exponentially increasing the overall health of their teeth, which means they are far less likely to lose them and need implant dentistry.

  1. Brushing Correctly is Important

Here are additional things about brushing to help improve technique and maximize oral health, so implant dentistry is not required:

  • Teeth should be brushed gently, as if polishing an eggshell, as opposed to overly firmly and quickly.
  • If possible, use an electric brush, as it is mechanically designed to have the most efficient brushing motions
  • Do not over brush, as this will most likely lead to wear down enamel. This can lead to exposed nerves and become uncomfortable.
  1. Flossing Is Critical

Both dentists and patients are well aware of the fact that, to be frank, some people don’t like flossing, as it can feel very uncomfortable sometimes. However, doing so reduces the need for implant dentistry and promotes excellent oral health by removing food, bacteria, and plaque from places brushing might miss or cannot reach. Flossing before bed will help ensure the best results, as it will be removing the entire days’ worth of debris.

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  1. Using Mouthwash and Fluoride Products

 Using antibacterial mouthwash and fluoride products will significantly reduce the likelihood of a person needing implant dentistry. They are often affordable and easy to find at any local grocery store. A good time to use it is after the teeth are brushed.

  1. Making Visits to the Dentist

Making a visit to the dentist is the one and only item on this list that cannot be done at home, but it is most certainly one of the most important ones to reduce the need for implant dentistry. Dental checkups allow the dentist to remove tartar and other debris a patient cannot get rid of at home. They also can give a San Francisco patient an idea about how their oral health is and if any part of their dental routine needs to be changed.

If you have questions about implant dentistry or just need a good, old-fashioned checkup and are based in the San Francisco area, don’t hesitate to reach out to our doctors at SF Oral Surgery. We’re proud to serve the San Francisco area and can be easily reached at either our website or by phone at (415) 776-6710.

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