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Older man smiling sf oral surgeryOnce your surgery for dental implants is successfully completed in our office, the recovery phase must begin immediately. Our doctors in San Francisco will go over your recovery plan in detail and take the time to answer any questions you may have. The importance of following this plan completely is critical, as it could be the difference between a successful recovery and one filled with complications. However, the restrictions generally aren’t too extensive and can easily be achieved by simply altering your normal habits for a few days or weeks.

Limit Physical Activity

You likely won’t feel like doing much exercising or strenuous physical activity after getting your dental implants, but you should limit it even if you do. Certain activities can cause the wound or affected area to react adversely, so taking it easy for a few days is recommended. Plus, your diet is restricted immediately following your surgery for dental implants. Intense physical activity could weaken you more quickly since your body won’t be nourished as much as normal.

Avoid Mouthwash and Follow Your Oral Surgeon’s After-Care Instructions

It’s essential to clean your teeth after getting your dental implants. However, mouthwash shouldn’t be used for at least a couple of weeks. Use a mild saltwater swish instead to help prevent any bacteria from forming. The best ways to keep your mouth clean and to avoid infection are to brush gently around the dental implants and to continue your regular oral hygiene routine for your other teeth. It is imperative that you do not disturb the wound site which means that you should not spit, touch, or rinse the dental implant site when you go home, the day of your procedure. Although it may be tempting to touch the area with your fingers, do not do so. If you had a wound on an exposed part of your body, your doctor would cover it with a bandage to keep it protected. But because the affected area is inside of your mouth you need to follow your San Francisco oral surgeon’s aftercare instructions to the letter to avoid any complications.

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Don’t Eat or Drink Hot Foods or Liquids

Hot foods or drinks can irritate the area around your dental implants. Soft foods and cool liquids should be consumed immediately following your surgery. After a few days, you should be able to return to your normal eating and drinking habits unless the doctor tells you otherwise.

Foods to Avoid Following Dental Implant Surgery

Our doctors in San Francisco will give you a complete list of foods to avoid following your surgery for dental implants, but here are a few:

  • Chewy or crunchy foods
  • Any food with seeds
  • Spicy food
  • Orange juice or tomato juice
  • Popcorn

These are just examples of the types of food that can cause some discomfort or complicate your recovery. You will only need to avoid these for a couple of weeks, but it’s important to do so during this timeframe.

Our team of doctors at SF Oral Surgery is dedicated to helping you make a speedy and full recovery after getting dental implants. We use only the latest and best techniques to ensure your surgery is a success.

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