How Can I Prepare My Child for Oral Surgery?

Mother and daughter smiling.
There are many things that cause fear and anxiety for children when going to a dental appointment. From the sounds of the dental instruments to just not knowing what to expect, you may wonder how to prepare your child for oral surgery.
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5 Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon

If you’re considering oral surgery in San Francisco, here are questions you should ask your surgeon: What are the details of my procedure? You should always be informed of exactly what’s going to happen during your procedure. Your San Francisco oral surgeon should let you know the details of what will happen, and what the desired outcome will be. It’s important that you feel comfortable......
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What Is TMJ Disorder and How Can a San Francisco Oral Surgeon Help?

SF Oral Surgery treats patients for a variety of concerns. Some have very obvious symptoms, like missing or damaged teeth. Others are more subtle but require care just as immediately. For San Francisco patients, TMJ disorder often falls into the latter category. Understanding TMJ The “TMJ” in TMJ disorder stands for temporomandibular joint. This refers to the joints in your jaw. Problems here may present......
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